Tips to get Your Resume observed by Employers

Here are few tips to get Your Resume observed by Employers (by VIDEO HR)

Written By: Khushboo Khandelwal.

Maintain the simplicity:

Keep your resume as simple as you can, because a simple resume can easily pass the test of the Application tracking system and easily reach to employers/hiring manager’s hand. A simple resume is easy to read – help employers/hiring managers to screen out the candidates very fast for the interview call. You can develop a creative resume as per the job you are applying for. These jobs are – graphic designing, artist, painter, civil engineer, photographer, modeling, etc…

Make changes in your resume as per the job description:-

If you are really interested in a particular job vacancy, look at the job requirement and customize your resume as per the requirement. If you are sending your resume that meets the job criteria – your resume will be quickly observed by employers than anyone else resume.

Use the standard font:-

Go for the standard font type and size that can be generally used in the professional documents. The font such as “Times New Roman, Arial, Cambria, Helvetica, or Calibri”, and font size “10 – 12” is the standard readable size for any professional document. You can also use bold and italics to highlight job titles, heading and sub-heading of a resume.

Mention your achievements:-

Employers don’t get very happy by seeing only the number of companies you worked for and the responsibilities that are involved with the company roles, they (employers) actually like to see, what you have achieved in a particular job, not only the responsibility you have taken.

List the most relevant skills:-

This is also another important way to show employers that you are skilled for the job. Having the relevant skills in a resume is good for all job seekers, but it is better for those who are fresher with less experience.

Make use of bullets to highlight the main points:-

If you want employers/hiring managers to put their vision first on the main phrases of your resume – highlight those phrases using bullets. Use similar bullets in all the places of your resume.

Meet the qualification criteria:-

If the job description clearly mentions the highest qualification required to apply for the job – make sure, you meet the qualification criteria of the job before sending the application, or else, it is just wastage of your time and effort of yours and employers/hiring managers.

Avoid including unnecessary information:-

Only include the information in your resume that you really want employers to see with respect to the job you are applying for. No need to include unnecessary information in your resume, the information may become successful in filling your resume pages, but become unsuccessful in helping the employer to read your resume completely. Include only those information that are relevant to the job you are applying for and can easily convince the employer at a first look.

Eye-catching profile:-

A well-written profile of your resume can easily grab attention of the employer to read your resume completely. While writing your resume, list a brief eye-catching profile at the top of the resume page after your name that can easily come under the eye contact of the employer.

Place the link of the LinkedIn profile:-

It is good to place the link of the LinkdIn profile on your resume. Before putting the link, match all information of your resume with the LinkdIn profile – the information you provide in your resume the same information should be there in your LinkdIn profile.

Check the spelling and grammar error:-

Your professional resume should be free from spelling mistakes and grammar errors, otherwise, your resume will be considered as an unprofessional one. If your resume contains errors will automatically jump up on the page and get observed. To make your resume error free, use the tool that can highlight all the mistakes that you have done while developing your resume for the correction.

Save your resume with a recognizable name:-

Don’t save your resume file by giving only the name “resume.doc” – the name “resume.doc” doesn’t identify that the resume is yours. Save your resume with the name that identifies you.

Resume should be in good shape:-

Even if, your resume is already there with the employer who is going to take your interview, carry two-three copy of your resume for the interview to discuss with the interviewer. Your resume page should not be discolored, crumpled, ragged, or folded. It should be cleaned and crispy.

Apply with multiple language versions: –

English comes under international language that all over the world uses for communication and to deliver email/on paper data from one place to another. To apply for a job in another country, it is not mandatory to send your resume only in a local language, you can send your resume in English language too, or else, if you know both the languages “local & English”, send your resume in both the languages.

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