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About Our Company: VIDEO HR

Watch Videos - See Scorecard - Hire Candidates.

Video HR is a platform where companies can discover and hire the best talent. In a hugely connected social world driven by lightning speed of data and information, there is compelling need to break the conventional way of INTERVIEW.

VIDEO HR augments human decision-making in the hiring process and delivers higher quality talent, faster. It saves cost, time and efforts for both Employer and Employee.

    1. Share Job Openings with us.
    2.  We Share openings in communities we manage.
    3.  Conducting video interviews of interested candidates.
    4. Sharing Video CV’s with recruiters after screening.
    5. Schedule interview of shortlisted candidates.
    6. Right candidate is hired.

Video HR Consultancy Charges: We charge 5% of annual CTC / Fixed charges depending upon Company only when a candidate is selected.  We do not charge anything for videos we share.



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  • 10 Employer Tie Ups
  • 1000 Active Resumes
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